A Different Approach to Commission

Financial compensation doesn’t have to be the only approach to commission.

There’s another, perhaps more valuable approach which can further motivate your sales team to produce results.

It’s time.

Think about it.

How often, in today’s world, do your sellers get real, uninterrupted time off? In our “always connected” society, time off doesn’t always equate to time off.

Your sellers are often still checking/replying to emails, finishing some projects, playing catch up or even answering phone calls or dialing into meetings or conference calls.

Is that really time off?

Here’s an important thing to consider. Sales is among the most stressful professions out there. There are more reports of drug and alcohol abuse and heart attacks in our industry than in any other that I’m aware of. There’s a constant “go” attitude among sellers that can lead to high degrees of stress and burnout.

What if you could reward sellers for hitting their targets or achieving other milestones by providing them with additional (and uninterrupted) time off?

The likelihood is, not only would you see less stress among your sales team, but you’d actually see an increase in their performance.

Contrary to popular belief, being “on the go” at all times is no way of achieving success.

Everyone (including you!) needs real downtime, and the opportunity to recharge without mentally or physically needing to check into their work even on their days off.

Give your team this luxury, and watch their attitudes become more positive and their results increase.