8 Steps to 8 Figures

Lead chief strategist for my Digital Empire Creation and dear friend Chad Barr and I had some fun last week brainstorming 8 steps small business owners, solo consultants, speakers, authors and trainers could take to make 8 figures. In order to live large, you must think large!

Here’s what we came up with in 5 minutes!

Chad and Colleen’s 8 Steps to 8 Figures

1. Chad: Life is too short for cheap wine and stupid people. Eliminate stupidity around you and expand your wine outstanding consumption

2. Colleen: Move the decimal point to the right on all your proposals!

3. Colleen: “No Fear. No Guilt. No Peer.” As taught to me by my mentor Alan Weiss.

4. Chad: Increase revenues by 25-50% and reduce labour intensity by 25-50%.

5. Chad: Play a lot and have great fun each day.

6. Colleen: Set a minimum value per client and only take jobs that meet or exceed that value.

7. Chad: Hang out (peer level) with great thinkers and successes.

8. Colleen: Write a new book every 6 months.

Notice the balance between life and work? That’s because to reach the top and to really thrive you have to have an integrated life. What are your best strategies for thinking and living big in 2014?

2 responses to “8 Steps to 8 Figures

  1. […] I was chatting the other day with The Sales Leader, the amazing Colleen Francis, when she challenged me that my previous article 7 Steps to 7 Figures should have focused on 8 Steps to 8 Figures. I accepted the challenge as we quickly decided to write a new article, have some fun with it, and not use any of my previous points. So thank you Colleen for the challenge and taking the initiative. Here is Colleen’s original post on her blog: […]

  2. Colleen,

    Thanks for the mental challenge and I couldn’t agree more. Forget the 7 figures, and let’s start with 8!



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