Seven Steps To Efficient Recruitment

RefreshBlogDecember3rdYou’ve heard the adage before, ABC: Always Be Closing. However, sales managers who stand by this mantra should also adopt another saying: ABR: Always Be Recruiting.

Recruitment is key to your success as a sales leader, after all, the members of your team are going to dictate whether or not your sales goals are reached or not. ← Click to Tweet Often, managers will become complacent with their sales teams if they are performing, but they seldom do their part in preparing for the future.

It’s essential to keep recruitment on your to-do list for three key reasons: people leave (often unexpectedly), poor performers need to be replaced and growth opportunities will arise that you will want to leverage.

There are seven ways properly execute ABR in your organization:

1) Use a professional services recruiting firm 
2) Develop an internal referral program
3) Ask clients, vendors, partners and your resale channels for referrals
4) Get varied interview feedback
5) Ditch the board room
6) Use social media
7) Ask one last question

For further details on these steps, you’ll want to read my article in The Globe and Mail, I discuss each of these steps and elaborate on them. These steps will be sure to assist you in your recruitment endeavors.

What are you doing to keep your recruitment process as efficient as possible?

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  1. What if instead of recruiting people you attracted people? I know of a number of magnetic sales leaders who have people lining up outside their door for jobs because of their magnetism. Think about it. If this isn’t you, then what are you going to do in 2014 to become the type of leader that everyone wants to work with?

    Roberta Matuson
    Author of Talent Magnetism

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