3 Steps to Standing Out from The Crowd

Bright Idea What are you currently doing to separate yourself from other salespeople?

I don’t recommend locking yourself in a room and working through your days without any interaction with your colleagues, but I do recommend taking steps to truly differentiate yourself and stand out from the pack.

If you want to be the best, you must do things that mediocre salespeople are not willing to do. It often takes more effort, but what you will gain from going the extra mile is invaluable.

When you show up to work and do exactly what everyone else is doing, you will achieve the same results that they are achieving. When you make the extra effort, you create extraordinary results and make more sales.

It’s not just about your sales results. When you stand out from the crowd, you are more likely to move up in your company and receive more opportunities within your own business. Regardless of the industry you’re in, people always respect and admire hard working individuals.

Here are a few steps you can take to separate yourself from other sales professionals:

1) Have a Good Attitude

We all know that sales is an extremely competitive profession but that doesn’t mean you should add negativity to your workplace. Always be genuinely supportive of your team and colleagues. Your sales are important, but creating or contributing to a toxic or negative environment will almost always lead to poor sales results. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in office politics and lose focus on your work.

Be the person who openly acknowledges and celebrates other people’s victories. Be genuine about it and others will be more likely to celebrate you in return.

2) Try New Things

As I mentioned earlier, doing what everyone else is doing is not very innovative and will often lead to average results. Be bold, try something new and take risks.

For example, your colleagues are more than likely using email to connect with their clients and prospects. On top of sending emails, you could start sending postcards to prospects as well. Instead of making the minimum number of sales calls, push yourself to double or triple the minimum. Instead of relying on your management to provide you with a prospect list, attend networking events and connect with new buyers on your own.

You get the point – do something productive that you haven’t previously attempted. You’ll begin to see results that were previously unreachable to you. You can also expect others to take note of your hard work which will make you more valuable to your employers.

3) Find Solutions to Problems

Most salespeople complain about their problems and look to others to find solutions for them. Don’t complain about issues, find solutions to them. Most problems can be solved with some brainstorming and an extra effort. Instead of wasting time complaining, use that time to find a solution and action your problem solving strategy immediately. ← Click To Tweet

People love associating with problem solvers. It’s a sign of true leadership and displays your ability to think on your feet. These two characteristics will make you invaluable to your sales organization and your clients.

Remember sellers, you are in control of your results. Don’t be satisfied by comparing yourself to the mediocre. Always compare yourself to you and your previous sales numbers. By doing so, you will stand out from the crowd and create exceptional sales results.

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