3 quick Questions and 3 Quick Answers!

1. How can I prove to my manager that I am worthy of a promotion?

As an employee make yourself irreplaceable, the best job security is to be the best employee and that includes multi-t question-logo asking as many positions in your company as possible. Show you can sell multiple products, both direct an indirect, on the phone and in person. Offer to man the support desk if they are short staffed. Ask to lead a sales meeting one day and present ideas you know will help other sales team members. The more customer focused jobs that you can do well, the more valuable you’ll become to your company. The downside is that you’ll be asked to work more hours, but the upside is that you’ll be the first in-line for a promotion. Make yourself so valuable that you create your own job security.

2.  I’m scared to make cold calls. Its a Phobia, I;m sure of it. Can you help?

Ok….It’s true that Phobias disrupt the lives of 15 Million North Americans. These irrational fears can interfere with daily living. About one million North Americans are so disabled by their phobias they can’t work outside the home or manage their every day tasks. The most common phobias people have are Fear of Snakes, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Heights, Storms, Sickness, Injury and Death. Seek out a qualified professional if you suffer from a phobia, this may be the easiest an quickest solution to your problem.

Being scared to make cold calls is not a phobia…at least as far as I know. And even if it is, here is an easy way to get over it. Ask yourself. What are you more scared of, making cold calls, or not eating. For me, its not eating. I know that making calls leads to sales, and sales leads to money and food. Therefore, If I am hesitant to make calls on any day, I simply think about what the successful calls mean to me…..dinner! The next time you feel scared of a call close your eyes. Picture a perfect call, one where the customer makes the sale and you get a big fat juicy commission cheque. Next, picture yourself taking that cheque to the bank and cashing it. What does that money feel like in your hands. Now, imagine yourself walking into a fine restaurant and eating a great meal. What does the food taste like, what does the wine taste like? Now open your eyes. How do you feel about making calls? Better. Good. Get on the phone!

3.  Colleen, I often find I am unmotivated to get started, I sit at my desk, staring at the blank screen hoping to get motivated to start work. What can I do?

Well, it is nice to know that I’m not the only one who has been inflicted with this problem. Here is how to fix it. Remember, you create motivation by taking action. Right now you are doing the reverse: Trying to get motivate to take action. Yo ask,  how can I get started? Simple. You get started by getting started. Many people make the mistake of thinking, ” When I feel like it, then I’ll do it.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, never has and never will. The truth is; when you do it, then you’ll feel like it. When you put your body and mind in motion you’ll begin to accomplish things and only then will you become a productive person.

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