2007 Nielsen Study Shows Testimonials are the Best

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Yesterday I promised Engaging Ideas newsletter subscribers (You can sign up over there to the left) I would publish the full Nielsen study  on marketing tool success here today.  

No matter how large or small your company is, make sure every proposal that goes out the door has at least one testimonial on the front page. Every page on your website should feature glowing feedback and recommendations from your customers. You can also collect a group of testimonials and insert one in the signature line of each email you send. Like so many things that characterize the business habits of the top-10% of sales professionals in organizations of all sizes, the key is to be consistent.

 More tips on how you can obtain and use testimonials are covered in a previous newsletter article, available here.

 The proof you need to sell more

More than any other marketing tool – from advertisements to opinion polls – recommendations from other consumers is still ranked the number-one selling tool, according to a 2007 study by Nielsen Research

 In an economy of all seasons – from sunny to stormy – it remains effective because it provides consumers with something that is valuable to them: proof. It demonstrates that buying from you isn’t a risky decision – it’s a smart decision, backed by the track record you’ve earned from those who know best: your customers.

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