2 Ways to Coach Your Team More Effectively

You have a few top performers on your sales team. That means they don’t need to be coached, right?


Your top producing salespeople need to be coached just as much as your mid or bottom performing reps. In fact, it may be a wise decision to start coaching them even more!

Why? Because by coaching your best reps, developing them further and encouraging them to raise their own bar, you better your chances of moving your sales results forward.

Think about it, do professional sport teams just allow their superstar players to sit out during practice? Absolutely not! In fact, considerable attention is given to top players to ensure they maintain and improve upon their success, and these players often practice harder and get coached more often than their counterparts to help them develop even quicker.

The same concept applies to your top sellers. If they aren’t moving forward, they’re moving backwards. If time and effort is not spent developing them, they may become complacent and take the foot off the pedal. Or, even worse, they may start seeking a more challenging position in another company…perhaps even go to your competition.

Don’t be hands off with your top performers!

That being said, there’s a couple tricks you can use to efficiently coach your most effective people:

1. Don’t Push It!

There are two sides to every coin.

While nobody should be immune to coaching, the last thing you want to do after following this advice is try to expose everything that’s wrong with a particular salesperson in an attempt to improve them. That’s a surefire way to send high-level talent to another company.

Instead, ask them what they think they’re doing well and they think they could improve. Even the highest of producers can often immediately identify their own weaknesses. Let them be hands on with their own training.

2. Find the Good

Dig deep and figure out what your top sellers are doing to create their success. When you understand their results producing behavior, you can encourage more of it from your entire team! If certain things are working and proven to be effective, don’t keep it a secret!

I know, sometimes we don’t see the need to fix what’s not broken. There can be a tendency to just let top performers continue their behavior and reinvest your time into your other tasks and procedures.

But, you never want to underestimate the potential of your best sales reps. If they’re producing great results without coaching, imagine where some additional direction and improvement can take them!


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  1. Totally agree. Just because you have a sales superstar on your team doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t need any further sales coaching advice.

    Sales coaching encourages continuous growth, development and progress to everyone in the team. This allows the managers, on the other hand, the opportunity to set the bar higher.

    Nice piece!

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