2 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is Here to Stay | Sales Strategies

This week, I want to examine the power of video meetings. Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to replace all of your in-person meetings, but a fraction of them need to be on video because of two important statistics that have come to my attention.

Seller-less Buying Environment 

Gartner tells us that 33 percent of buyers prefer a seller-less buying environment and 44 percent of millennials—your youngest buyers—also prefer a seller-less buying environment. This doesn’t mean we’re going to fully transition to a seller-less environment in our B2B world, but what this is signalling is that buyers today don’t need us or want us present in their office. Additionally, as a result of recent economic lockdowns and COVID-19 protocols, our clients are preferring to keep us away and their employees safe.

We need to capitalize on this video conferencing trend. Don’t fight it. If this is what our customers are preferring, then let’s be masters of it so that we can beat the competition in delivering what the customer wants.

I encourage you to reduce your live weekly sales meetings and implement more weekly video meetings. It’s more efficient, effective, and productive!

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  1. […] I love it when my clients start to mandate things like a minimum of four contacts that are fully engaged in every single account. Now, for example, you might be selling multimillion dollar equipment that requires 10, 12, or 20 contacts, but four as a minimum sets the baseline. This ensures you always have a broader purview as to what’s going on inside the account. Additionally, engaging with a minimum of four contacts ensures that you always have a backup to talk to—someone who’s willing to return your calls. This will give you a much better perspective on not only how to save the customer, but how to grow the customer. […]

  2. I find video conferencing more engaging than audio conferencing. Its a great way to get in where you can not due to COVID restrictions or the client uses COVID restrictions to limit the amount of reps they would typically have to week in and week out. I think its a great way when the client wants to communicate this way or is willing to try it. Other companies prefer you to come out weekly and for those clients you have to accommodate what works for them best. In our business a lot of time you meet Other engineers and learn of new projects from being on sight. This being said I think its a mix of video calls, in person visits, phone calls an emails it takes a variety of all to be effective. Hope this helps Colleen.

  3. […] I mean the number of engagements. Specifically, this entails the number of emails, calls, meetings, proposals, quotes, or closes you need on average to hit that goal. This is what most organizations […]

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