An Easy-to-Implement Program for Parts and Service Departments, Proven in Deere Dealerships

Right on the Money has been developed exclusively for John Deere dealerships. The program delivers a set of instructional packages to instill key skills and behaviors for identifying, effectively communicating, and delivering value to your customers.

Designed for your aftermarket managers and front-line aftermarket professionals, all sessions are live and interactive to ensure engagement and retention. Whether you decide to do a remote or on-site workshop, you’ll get the benefit of a seasoned expert instructor who knows how to engage with John Deere dealers to help them achieve new levels of success.

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“Colleen did an excellent job of helping relate her strategies to the objectives of our business and provided ways our team could put them into practice on a daily basis. The team was able to come away with practical, actionable steps to work towards achieving organizational goals.”
Reed Allen, Director of Aftermarket Strategy, AgriVision Equipment Group

Workshop Structure

Programs include workshops for either aftermarket managers or for aftermarket teams. Each covers critical skills to identify and deliver value to the customer.

Workshops build on each other so once teams have completed their first workshop, they can immediately put new skills into practice. And when ready, the next workshop delivers additional skills for even greater returns.

Each level is given in one 8-hour workshop – on-site or via live webinar. Each includes an interactive pre and post webinar to ensure participants are armed for success at the workshop and, after, have the opportunity to troubleshoot any implementation issues they encounter.

For Aftermarket Managers

Workshop A – Creating Aftermarket Success

This first workshop instills the key skills and behaviors to manage the team to deliver the desired results. Topics include:

  1. Leader DNA
  2. Goal Setting and Achievement
  3. Holding the Team Accountable
  4. Deal Coaching
  5. Pipeline Coaching

Workshop B – Supercharging Your Aftermarket Team

This advanced workshop focuses on manager skills that will improve the on-going productivity of your team for even great results. Topics include:

  1. Recruiting and Replacing
  2. Optimizing Your Methodology
  3. Team Skill Development
  4. Pipeline Management & Forecasting
  5. Client Retention and Relationship Building

For Aftermarket Representatives

Workshop A – Creating Aftermarket Opportunities

This first workshop lays the foundation for establishing a customer relationship based on value to create create opportunities in the immediate and long-term. Topics include:

  1. Changing Your Focus from Selling to Helping
  2. Planning to Achieve your Goals
  3. Creating Demand for Your Parts and Service Programs
  4. Spotting Opportunities to Help Your Customer
  5. Creating Long Term Customer Retention and Growth

Workshop B – Creating Loyal Aftermarket Customers

This advanced workshop focuses on skills to increase the speed and effectiveness of servicing customers for ever greater results. Topics include:

  1. Communicating Your Value
  2. Asking the Right Questions to Engage Your Customer
  3. Helping Customers Decide
  4. Handling Objections Profitably
  5. Effective Follow Up When No Decision Is Made

Meet Your Facilitator, Colleen Francis

For over twenty years, Colleen has worked in Agribusiness and understands the unique challenges of this industry. Colleen has demonstrated success with John Deere, working directly with dealers and their whole goods and aftermarket teams.

Colleen is an award-winning writer and consultant, bestselling author, and member of the Speaking Hall of Fame. She is recognized as one of the foremost thought leaders on the future of selling by leading publications world wide, including being named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Sales.

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