Your Unleash Update: Put the Social in Social Proof

It took long enough but it finally got warm here in Ottawa! With the good weather, I finally got a chance to put in our garden. And while doing so I got an unexpected surprise…

I had completely forgotten that I planted garlic last fall and there they were, already sprouting! There’s nothing better than the surprise of finding something that you didn’t realize you had!

That’s also what happened to us this month with Testimonial Director. While we added some very impressive functionality earlier this year to make it easy to share testimonials on LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook, we discovered a new way of using Testimonial Director with FaceBook for some very impressive results.

If you want to see a sample of what you can do, make sure you visit our newly launched Facebook page to see Testimonial Director in action!

If you like what you see, you won’t want to miss this month’s Unleash webinar which will detail the different ways you can leverage social proof on FaceBook. To be held at Noon Eastern, Tuesday June 21st, you can read more below and sign up instantly here:

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

Colleen Francis
Founder and President, Engage Selling Solutions
Creators of Testimonial Director