Your Sales Team: In Touch With Your Organization?

Is your sales team in touch with your organization?

That is, do members of your sales team stay updated on new developments in the rest of your organization? Are they aligned with what the marketing teams are telling prospects? Do they understand your fulfillment team’s processes and advising leads appropriately?

Have you ever been on hold with a customer service rep and explain, in great detail, your issue or problem with their product or service? They dig into finding a solution, put you on hold, ask a few more questions, put you on hold again, only to come back to you and tell you they need to escalate you to another teamonly to have a member of this team ask you to re-explain your issue?

Not only does it waste your time, but I imagine you’ve felt a great deal of frustration when this occurs as well.

This is a simple example of what happens when your sales team doesn’t talk to the rest of the organization.

Let’s say a member of your sales team describes the fulfillment team’s process erroneously. Perhaps they included steps that were updated a year ago, for example. Or, another member of your sales team forgets to talk about a new, fancy feature that the marketing team has been using as their main point of promotion.

Both of these scenarios create a disconnect between your organization and your customer.

Alignment between your sales team (and all your teams!) and the rest of your organization is critical to its ongoing success. The last thing you want is a sales rep selling a feature that no longer exists, or describing a process which was phased out.

Whether it be through meetings, bulletins, or training, ensure that your team remains up-to-date with the other key elements of your business.

How do you ensure your sales team is aligned with the rest of your organization?