Your Greatest Leverage Tool in Sales

business team solving puzzle concept

It bothers me. No, it drives me crazy.

What, you ask?

Picture this, a sales organization delivers great service and great results. In fact, their client base is absolutely thrilled with the entire process of working with this particular organization. Yet, the organization does nothing to leverage this success. Their prospects don’t know about it, perhaps individuals within this organization don’t even know about the great work they’ve done in the past!

Your happy customers are your “secret” sales force. They’re your best sales tool along with the testimonials they provide you!

Far too many salespeople and organizations undervalue their own success and the results they’ve produced for their clients. They continue to provide incredible services…in silence. Don’t do this!

Are you beginning to understand my frustrations?

Get in the habit of collecting testimonials. In fact, a surefire way of ensuring they’re being collected is adding it as a necessary step in your sales team’s processes. Set sales targets as you (hopefully) normally do, but also set targets to gather and use testimonials on a frequent basis.

Here are a few questions to help you facilitate the process:

  1. How did your client use your product or service?
  2. What result did they get?
  3. How are they better off as an individual or business?

Gather your testimonials and share them within your sales team, add them to your sales presentations and your online channels and leverage them! They’ll help you establish credibility, handle objections, and attract new customers.

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How do you ensure testimonials are always gathered from your happy clients? Let me know in the comments below.

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