You Can’t Make this Stuff Up

I had a Diner’s Club Card 15 years ago when I worked for PS Software and before we were bought by OpenText. The card was cancelled when we switched to OpenText processes. Did I mention 15 years ago?

Since that time Diner’s Club has been sending me monthly statement. Most of them I missed, because I thought they were junk mail. This week opened one and found it was a statement. So I called, thinking maybe I had a case of stolen ID and someone opened an account in my name. I was assured it was my card, from 15 years ago that had never been cancelled.

I asked them to cancel it and they said they could not – because THEY owed ME money. $0.86 to be exact.

By my calculations they have spent about $0.35 X 12 months X 15 years to send me statements reminding me that they own me $0.86. That’s a total of $63, and the stupidest account policy I have ever heard of.

I wonder how many other Diner’s Club accounts are losing money this way? Please, just close the silly account. I don’t care about the $0.86. I promise. But, if you really need to, have you ever thought that it would have been cheaper to just mail me a cheque?

You can’t make this stuff up.