You can’t make this stuff up. IEB Syndrome

This week at a 22 employee Association a young employee, let’s call her Mary, with 1 year tenure requested 1 week off with no pay in May of 2012 to attend a family wedding in Brazil. They were denied. As the wedding was important to Mary, she found another job that would accommodate her and she quit. In the email response her boss noted:

“We too are disappointed that your trip to Brazil could not be adjusted to accommodate your second vacation request.”

  • Side note: I love the fact that they actually suggest Mary request an adjustment to a family wedding to accommodate her job….

Less than 24 hours later (and minutes before the holiday party for the office), the President of this same association sends an email to ALL EMPLOYEES stating

“Contrary to our usual practices, I have approved vacation during the first week of January for all members of the Management Team……  Enjoy the break; you deserve it!”

About 4 employees are actually receiving the extended holiday. Everyone else got the life sucked out of them. Merry Christmas?

How would you respond to this President if you were coaching him?

A clear case of IEB. Incompetent Executive Behaviour