Write a Letter. Create More Sales.

Pen writing "Dear"

Do you ever wonder what happened to good old-fashioned handwritten letters? Although communication tools like email have become the norm and have eliminated most practical uses for handwritten letters, it seems as though the transition period between the two methods of communication was almost overnight.

In business today, it’s clear that letter writing is no longer in style. However, have you ever thought of how you can use this fact to your advantage?

It isn’t a coincidence that most high ranked sales professionals that I know are also prolific letter-writers. Consider the benefits of writing a letter:

1. Letters are Deeply Personal

A letter that you write with a good old-fashioned pen and paper possesses a level of sincerity that an email simply cannot match. ← Click To Tweet

This personal touch delivers an important message to the reader. It just isn’t possible to copy, paste and spam people a personal handwritten note. Your reader will respect and admire the fact that you took the time to write your message out.

2. You Stand out

Sending a handwritten letter is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. A top prospect may not remember the senders of the dozens of emails they received today, but they will remember that thoughtful letter that you sent!

3. Letters Get Read

There is no delete button on envelopes, and I promise the mailman will never find a physical “SPAM” box to place your letter inside. There is a certain allure that surrounds a sealed envelope with your name on it. It’s tough to ignore!

4. They Get Results

The power of personalizing your communication with prospects and clients has many benefits. One of which is building a level of personal rapport that is difficult to match via electronic methods.

It can be time consuming, and it may not reach your reader instantaneously. However, the pros of sending a handwritten letter far outweigh the cons.

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How often do you send handwritten letters to prospects and clients?