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Getting time on your side is a powerful strategy that will help you win more business! What do I mean by “getting time on your side”? I discuss this in detail in my new book, Right on the Money: New Principles for Bold Growth! However, there are three main points I want to leave with you: be hyper-responsive, easy to find, and easy to buy from.

3 Ways to Get Time on Your Side and Win More Business

1. Be Hyper-Responsive

When customers raise their hand and say they’re ready to buy, we have found that, 75 percent of the time, the first response gets the business. When you respond quickly within an hour, you’re more likely to get the business than if you wait. Thus, have simple internal processes that transfer those leads to you quickly. Make sure that you, as a seller, respond immediately.

2. Be Easy to Find

We’re in a “wait, wait, hurry up” marketplace, meaning your clients have to delay making decisions until they’re absolutely ready because they’ve got so much else going on. So, you have to be easy to find! This means being ubiquitous in the areas they’re conducting research and having internal conversations. You have to affect the dialogue that’s going on inside their head. Otherwise, they won’t be able to find you. And if they can’t find you, they’re not going to raise their hand and say they want to buy from you.

3. Be Easy to Buy From

When customers say they’re ready to buy, not only do you have to be responsive as I mentioned earlier, but you also can’t put them through some arbitrary internal sales process. For example, don’t put them through a sales development rep, then an inside salesperson, then a field salesperson, then an account manager, and then more! If the customer can’t buy from you easily and quickly, they will go to someone else.

Get time on your side! It’s a powerful sales strategy that will win you more business.

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