Why Should I do Business With You?

Have you recently asked yourself why someone should do business with you? If you can’t answer that question,  – with information that is less than 6 months old – your clients probably don’t understand why either.

Focusing on your relationship with your customers is one way to determine why they should do business with you. Service, might be another reason why clients chose to do business with you. Perhaps you are an expert in their vertical niche. There could be others as well.

As an exercise I recommend sit with your team mates or by yourself and work on the top 5 answers to this question: Why should someone do business with me? Make note of the best answers and make them your own.

Next, confirm your answers by talking to the best source of sales information – your customers! Ask them for direct feedback on their experiences working with you and specifically ask them why they think a new client should do business with you.

A word of cation. Use every once of strength you have to resist the urge to argue, defend, justify or provide commentary on their answers. Just say “thanks”and ask for more. “Yes but…”  will kill the information flow and discourage your clients from being honest with you.

Again, your response is “Thanks” period.

Be sure to reinforce any information your clients shared with you during all prospecting calls and as you need to throughout the selling cycle.  Remember, from your prospect’s perspective what you say about your products and services is sales speak. what your client’s say about your products and service is the truth

Dedicated to increasing your sales,