Why Are You Good?

Why are you good? Seriously. Have you asked yourself this question before?

Let’s face it. Salespeople often come with healthy egos, to put it lightly.

The good ones know that they’re good, but it’s vital to go beyond that.

Being good is, well, good. Knowing the reasoning behind your efficiency, however, is great. And, not enough salespeople dive deep enough into this thinking.

I’m a firm believer that you get better and better by focusing on your strengths. Proficient sellers, whether they do so knowingly or not, are tapping into their strengths to create their results. But, if they’re not taking the time to get clear on these strengths, they may find themselves plateauing and unable to break through the “glass ceiling” with their sales results.

It’s not enough to know that you or a member of your team simply “goes out there and makes sales” but it’s important to gain clarity around the steps that create strong results.

So, ask yourself, or the top performers on your sales team:

  • What exactly do you do or say?
  • How often do you prospect?
  • What’s your preferred prospecting method?
  • What steps do you take between the initial contact to closing the sale?

Questions like these force all parties to get clear on the exact methodology that’s working so that it can be replicated amongst other members of the team and improved upon.

If you’re a sales manager, go out and see your top performing reps in action and take notes. In fact, you may be able to pinpoint exactly what is making a particular rep so successful even if the rep can’t.

This is what separates short-term and long-term successes. If top performers are attributing their performance to “luck” or even worse, an “I don’t know” then you can bet the results will soon reach their limit or fizzle out. But, the smart sellers who know why they’re good are able to learn, replicate and grow on their success.

What’s one thing you do to learn what you’re doing right?