What’s Your Point of Focus?

Focus Wow. We are officially in 2016.

You’re hearing me talk a lot about activities and tips for starting 2016 on the right foot. This is a deliberate attempt to help you focus on getting ahead and making the upcoming year your most successful to date. If you’re reading this blog and taking the time to increase your knowledge, I know you can do it.

Speaking of focus, what are you focused on in your day-to-day tasks and routines?

Working on your mindset moving forward is just as important as working on your sales skills and abilities. What good is knowledge without the belief that it can be applied to work? How much can a salesperson sell if they don’t have confidence in their own potential?

Moving forward, I don’t want you focusing on everything that went wrong in 2015. It’s beneficial for you to revisit any obstacles or failures that you faced and learn the lessons associated with them, but after you’ve done that…move on!

Also, look back on 2015 and analyze what you predominately focused on.

– Did you focus on a poor market instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on your competition instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on your product’s weaknesses instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on objections instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on your clients’ low budgets instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on your lost sales instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on poor results instead of yourself?

– Did you focus on work politics instead of yourself?

You get the point. The aforementioned obstacles are surely variables to consider, but remember that your success starts and ends with you. If you’re focused on anything except for your own business and your own success, you are distracting yourself and doing yourself a major disservice.

The top salespeople that you know are not without their own obstacles. They just focus on their own success instead of focusing on what’s wrong. The above list is a very short summary of what could go wrong for a salesperson. I could easily have added an additional 20 points to that list off the top of my head. The truth is, there will always be obstacles that you must overcome in order to succeed. <– Click To Tweet 

You must, however, focus on you if you want any chance of overcoming them.

Keep this lesson in mind as we proceed into the new year. January is a fresh start for all of us. Refresh yourself, regroup, and go make 2016 the best year you’ve ever had.

Remember, your mindset is half the battle. Have you equipped yourself with the knowledge and tools to succeed in 2016? My book Nonstop Sales Boom is packed with sales boosting information to help you create success in the new year.