What’s In It for Your Sales Team?

Targets hit in the center by arrows

“How do I get my sales team to buy into our corporate objectives?”

Are you asking yourself a similar question? I hear it come up often, so if you’re asking it to yourself, you’re not alone!

Aligning individual objectives with corporate objectives can be an intimidating obstacle to overcome. Contrary to popular belief, your team isn’t simply going to do just what you want.

The individuals on your team are motivated by their own interests, goals and objectives. <– Click to Tweet

If you read that last sentence carefully, you’ll find the answer you’re seeking. Let me explain.

Leaders who are trying to “force” their team to do things or buy in to corporate objectives without offering anything in return are living in yesterday’s world. That approach is as good as useless today. Any relationship that doesn’t benefit all parties involved likely won’t last long and won’t end well.

As I previously mentioned, the key to aligning corporate and individual goals is in realizing that your team have their own objectives as well! There are too many sales leaders out there who are trying to “align” corporate objectives with their team without first realizing what they’re team wants as well.

So, it’s important to sit down with each of your team members and get clear on their objectives. For example:

1) What do they want to accomplish in the next year?

2) What are they looking to earn?

3) How many sales do they hope to achieve?

4) How much time off are they looking to take next year?

After you’ve gathered all relevant information, you can then tie their goals back to accomplishing the corporate goals. The idea is to make their goals just as important as the corporate objectives and that’s when you’re able to get your team to buy into your company’s vision. That’s when you’ll see shifts in their behavior and output in order for them to achieve the corporate goals which you’ve effectively tied in to their own personal goals.

Always think in the frame of mind of “what’s in it for the other person.” When you do that, you’ll have alignment of everyone’s needs and wants and you’ll be able to accelerate results in a way that benefits all parties involved.

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