A Few Thoughts to Maximize 2014

ladders As we end the first month of the new year, here are some thoughts that I think can help you prepare yourself for an excellent year ahead!

It’s important to get off to the right start in 2014, it helps set the tone for the entire year!

  1. You always receive what you expect.
  2. Assertiveness and aggression are not the same thing, don’t confuse them.
  3. A poor result in your overall sales for the year is always self-inflicted! Figure out what’s working and what isn’t early on so you can improve before it’s too late.
  4. Don’t slow down even if you notice that the market is slowing down, making this mistake can put you out of business.
  5. The most profitable relationships are built through personal, business and corporate rapport.
  6. Consider a relationship successful if your buyer is in better shape than when you first met them after working with you.
  7. Build your bench strength. Always recruit.
  8. The world is owned by people who are efficient at following up. <– Click To Tweet
  9. Remember that multi-tasking ensures average performances in the multiple tasks you’re taking on.
  10. Expand your horizons this year by trying new things. It improves your creativity.

What thoughts do you keep in mind to maximize your efficiency and your sales results?

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