What You And a World Class Powerlifter Have in Common

Engage Selling is a proud sponsor of Leon Brown, world champion powerlifter. He stopped by for a visit last week, to show us his medals, talk about the world records he recently set and to share his experiences at the world championship in Helsinki earlier this month. Here is what I learned from him that is also applicable to sellers:IMG_2378

  1. Train constantly. Leon is in the gym 5-7 days a week for no more than 12 competitions a year. How often are you honing your sales skills?
  2. You are never too experienced to get better. Leon is 49 (I hope he doesn’t put me in a head lock for telling you that), and he is constantly learning new techniques that lead to world records. What did you learn and apply this week that increased your sales?
  3. Have fun! Is it really worth doing the work if you don’t enjoy it? Leon is a walking smile. He is consistently enthused about his work, his training, and his competitions. This is a direct contributor to his success. Without passion and enthusiasm you will always be mediocre at what you do. My hope for you is that you don’t wake up 25 years from now realizing that you don’t like what you do and are not really all that good at it either! Love what you do, or take action to change now.
  4. Set ambitious goals.  If powerlifting is accepted as an official sport in the next Olympics, Leon will be working towards qualification. If not, another world championship will have to do. Both are achievable but both are a stretch. It’s this desire for ambitious achievement that keeps him focused and passionate. Are your goals ambitious enough to take you to a higher level in sales?

You can follow Leon’s progress and training tips on Facebook. Make sure you stop by and provide some encouragement!