What I’m Thinking About this Month

I’ve been working with a many clients in different cities over the last 30 days and these are the ideas that have really got me thinking:

1. Decision dates are unimportant to your buyer. Implementation dates are critical. Ask “when’s the latest you want to be using (our product). This will create urgency.

2. Studies show that students retain as much as 30% more with spaced study (short study time at 30 day intervals) rather than cramming.  Your sales people will be the same. Why cram all your development into 1-2 days when shorter training over a longer period of time will increase results?

3. It should be a job requirement (not a luxury) for cab drivers to know where hotels are in their cities.

4. If you expect success and a positive outcome you will find it. If you expect the worst you will find that too.

5. Growing your existing clients is easier if you have first helped them realize maximum results from their initial investment.

6. The people at the front of the room are always those that don’t need to be there but WANT to be there. Those at the back of the room are generally those that need remedial attention. Leaders take note of this the next time you have a meeting.

7. Buyers only care about results.

8. Look, act, and sound like a success. Share success stories. Buyer like to do business with people who can prove that they have a track record of results.

8. You will face less travel delays if you travel in the morning rather than at the dinner hour.

9. I would always prefer a power outlet rather than Wi-Fi on a cross country flight.

10. People who use speaker phone or Skype without a headset in public spaces like an airport lounge or coffee shop, are clueless or self- absorbed. They are also the ones who complain most about privacy.

Dedicated to increasing your success,