What I am thankful for….

Thanksgiving has me thinking about all that I am thankful for:

  1. My health
  2. Chris’s health and our string marriage and business internship
  3. My family’s health and happiness and longevity. My living grandmother is 96 and my past grandmother died at 90
  4. In-laws that I love being around and I think actually enjoy me too….;-)
  5. The opportunity to live in both Ottawa and Miami Beach depending on the weather and what my spirit needs
  6. Our clients at Engage. I learn more from you than you do from me, everyday! Thanks for being part of this community.
  7. Casey. How could I do any of this without her?
  8. My Harley. The best stress relief medication there is
  9. Friends. Who else would put up with my endless sources of drama and stories?
  10. Conrad. Dogs understand people better than people understand people
  11. My nieces. They have encouraged me to do all the fun things I used to do as a kid
  12. Food. I love growing it, cooking it, eating and sharing with others. I am also thankful to all the amazing farmers and agronomists I work with
  13. My business coach Alan Weiss who keeps me from getting in my own way
  14. My mastermind group who call me on my shit stuff
  15. Chadd Barr who coaxes brilliant content from me in our pod cast interviews
  16. My support team – writers, editors, transcriptions designers etc
  17. The ladies at Sales Shebang who are making the world better and safer for all sellers and buyers world wide!
  18. My writing partner Steven Gaffney on Honesty Sells – and Wiley for publishing the book!
  19. The great bureaus who support and promote our work
  20. My 96 year old Granny who has proven to me that with a strong mind you can learn grow and thrive at any age!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and make sure you celebrate with those you are Thankful for!