What Food Trucks can Teach us About Sales

In Miami the latest and greatest place to get local food is at the Food Truck “Meet-Up’s”.  Six to 10 mobile gourmet food trucks find an empty lot, throw out a couple picnic tables, advertise their whereabouts on Social Media and hope that people show up. WOW! Did they ever.

There are now over 12 Meet-Up’s per week in the region, and it is delicious. The night Chris and I went, we got a chance to eat local fish sandwiches, upscale grilled cheese, Southern BBQ brisket and of course dessert from the aptly named truck “Sugar Rush”. I was enjoying some mini-cupcakes but it was Chris who did us all proud with his Krispy Crème bread pudding! Thankfully the portion was small…

Most of the trucks are owned by regular restaurants or shops. They have added the food trucks as another option in their hunt to attract new clients. Their menu selections are limited, prices low, and the events are all BYOB. Advertising is limited to social media and word of mouth.  This is a great lesson for all of us sellers.  What are you doing differently this year to attract new clients? What new prospecting methods are you implementing? What new buyers can you find, engage and keep?

Can you afford NOT to be trying new things to attract new clients? We had a great call webinar earlier today dedicated to sharing real life examples of real companies and sellers who are currently filing their pipeline to overflowing. Of course they also have amazing sales results as well!  If you missed it, please listen to the replay.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

Colleen Francis

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