What Do Customers Want?

Customer Concept In sales, our focus is often set on making the next sale.

But, our current client base should never be neglected for the sake of closing another deal  Always nurture and build relationships within your current customer base. You want to keep them happy because not only does it feel good to deliver quality to your clients, but they will also be more likely to refer you to others, which helps drive more sales for your business.

As I see it, all customers want the same 13 things from you. Accomplish them all and you will develop a loyal profitable customer who will refer you to everyone they know:

  1. Customers desire to be important
  2. Customers crave to be appreciated
  3. Customers are interested in themselves most
  4. Customers want success and happiness for themselves
  5. Customers want to be listened to
  6. Customers will not trust unless they feel valued
  7. Customers want to be understood
  8. Customers build a natural rapport with people who have shared interests
  9. Customers are drawn to those who show genuine interest in them
  10. Customers want to associate with those who can help them
  11. Customers buy emotionally and defend logically
  12. Customers will spend more money to feel safe
  13. Customers will pay a premium when it makes them feel special

The common thread in this list is a need for understanding, communication and value.  Your clients want to feel like they genuinely matter to you and your business. It’s important that you keep this list in mind during your day-to-day operations so you can ensure that your customers are not being neglected!

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If you gain one customer but lose two in the process, you’re in a less desirable situation than you previously were. Make a point to deliver quality and value to your current client base and your sales will take care of themselves!

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