What Are Your Goals?

“I don’t think he can do it but I would love to see it happen” Ian Thorpe referring to Micheal Phelps” attempt to win 8 Gold medals at the 2008 Olympics

I’ve become obsessed with Michael Phelps and his success. What an amazing superstar!

Last night on CBC Olympic copverage, Mark Tewksbury   revealed that this quote from Ian Thorpe – this challenge – has been  the driving motivation for Phelps during the the last 4 years. In fact, Phelps he even admitted to having the quote taped to the back of his locker so that he could look at it everyday. The quote motivates him.

It doesn’t surprise me. Get clear on your goals, focus on them everyday and you will get what you are aiming for. This is a fundamental success principal.
Yes Phelps has more talent than the average swimmer. And yes he is physiologically advantaged compared to the other swimmers (feet 20% bigger, double jointed, and an arm span 3 inches longer than his total body length). But that is NOT why he is currently at 6 gold medals and 6 world records in the standings.

Michael Phelps wins because he is focused on his goal of winning 8 golds. Everyday.

What is your goal? Do you have them visible? In our office at Engage, every goal we are striving for is tacked to a cork-board in my office so I see them everyday. Annual quarterly and monthly revenue goals, ticket sales goals, and net worth goals. The first step to achieving what you want is getting clear on what you want, writing it down and putting it in a place that you can see it everyday. I also suggest making your goals public.

The more you engage others to help you in achieve your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. This weekend take some inspiration from Michael Phelps. Get clear on what you want and declare it clearly!

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