The Danger of The “Tried It All” Mindset

successdirectionFar too often I hear a client say “That won’t work in our market, we are different. Trust me…I’ve tried it all.”

Whether I hear this through e-mail, a podcast, a post on social media or an article, it never gets any easier for me to digest a statement like this.


Expressions like this actually say more about you than they do your clients, market, or immediate environment. What this expression says about you is that you’re:

● Giving up
● Unwilling to change
● Embracing failure
● Checked out or resigned
● Not willing to learn anything new
● Doomed to fail

If there were ever a way to “try it all” there would be no room in our civilization for innovation and growth! There are always leaders and innovators trying out new things in every market and industry, and usually, they are the ones that are the most successful. If they can do it, you can do it too.

The first step to finding a new way to success is to get yourself out of the “tried it all” mindset. After you commit to changing your mindset, you will find new avenues to pursue and realize there is always a way to reach your goals.

How do you look for new ways to succeed?

Dedicated to your success,