Top 10 Insights From Our Best Sales Leaders

ColleenMastermind I just wrapped up our annual Sales Leader Mastermind Event in Toronto. Here are the top 10 insights.

  1. Buyers don’t always know how to buy. You have to show them what the close will look like. Create a closing project plan.
  2. Speaking of closing… always start the implementation before the close happens. Set expectations about what you need, when and who must. be involved for a successful project before the project starts.
  3. Hire right and fire fast.
  4. If you want to grow hire growth minded people.
  5. Good Account Managers rarely can be converted to great hunters.
  6. No amount of new technology beats the telephone for setting appointments and face to face meetings for closing new business.
  7. Consumers are the new experts.
  8. A sales leader whose primary goal is to be liked by his team will never be a great leader.
  9. “A” players never improve the behaviour of  “B” players but “B players will drive away “A” players.
  10. Coach 30 minutes a week, 1 hour a month and 90  minutes a quarter for the best results.

Hope to see you at the next one.