Today’s Top 10 Sales Lessons

This week, I had the pleasure of addressing 400 top Financial Services professionals at a national sales conference in Las Vegas.

In fact, the image embedded to this blog post is the “backstage” view I had before the audience starting piling into the room.

Here are the top 10 points from my keynote, they’re the strategies that work today:

1. Pipeline management is the science behind sales. It’s the act of adding predictability and reliability to your sales results.
2. Setting goals is less important than creating a path to achieve your goals.
3. The more people who know of you, the more you will sell.
4. The best sellers are hybrid sellers/marketers – not purebred sellers. Think golden doodle rather than golden retriever.
5. Buyers don’t know how to buy. You have to teach them to close more sales.
6. Buyers want to co-create their solution with you.
7. Everyone in your organization must be oriented around customers’ success if you want to grow customers.
8. Only ask for referrals from customers’ you want more of – like attracts like.
9. Growth = quality + quantity of relationships.
10. The changes you need to make to your selling process are not rocket science, but they do require you making a conscious change so that you can adopt the right behaviors needed for continued success.

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Apply them, and let me know what happens!

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