Time to Leave the Office?

open glass door coupe in empty cubicleYou’ve probably achieved a degree of success by doing the right things from the comfort of your office.

If you’re taking the right steps directly from your office, well done! The good news is, if you’re maximizing your efficiency during your work hours in the office, you can expect to achieve great sales results!

The better news? You can actually achieve even greater success by periodically stepping outside the boundaries of your office.

Most salespeople quite literally think inside the box. That is – they do 100% of their work and achieve 100% of their results directly from their office. However, the most successful salespeople have learned how to think and act outside the box. In other words, they know how to leverage opportunities outside of their office to create accelerated sales results.

Here are two tips to help you get out of the office and create new opportunities for yourself:

1) Attend Networking Events

Where do your clients and prospects typically hang out? What kind of events are they attending? When you find the answers to these questions, you can simply show up to similar events and connect with new individuals who otherwise wouldn’t know you or your services exist.

Attend networking events that your clients and prospects attend. Many of these events have “icebreaker” activities so attendees can meet and connect without the “awkwardness” of meeting someone new. Imagine meeting, speaking, and connecting with prospects without having to force yourself on them. In fact, you may present your service in a casual conversation and have a prospect wanting to meet with you for more details!

2) Host Educational Events

You don’t need a big budget, fancy event flyers and catered gourmet food. A simple approach will still work well.

For example, you could host a breakfast round table with preferred clients and discuss key ideas, issues and solutions. While it’s important that you create value for your clients at this event, you can still consider introducing a new product or service to these clients or asking for referrals from them. This simple, low budget affair is the perfect way to create more opportunities for yourself and for your clients.

If you’ve achieved success by doing the right things in your office..congratulations! Now, there are even greater opportunities that you can leverage.

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What’s one thing you do outside of the office to create more sales success?

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