Three Girls, Two Paddles

Up here in Canada we’re just wrapping up a long weekend… Many folks take to their cottages and, weather cooperating, get out on the lakes and rivers.
Three paddlers, two paddles
We managed to get out on the water too. That’s my sister-in-law and my niece. While I’ve not seen this particular padding technique at this week’s Olympics in London, it did work out for at least one of us – the one without a paddle!

While our canoe may not have been a picture of good team relationships, it is imperative that when you are working with clients, you develop multi-dimensional relationships. What do I mean by multi-dimensional?

First, you need to make sure that you aren’t focusing on only one individual in the decision making process. Too often I see sales professionals devote their time and energy to only one individual while there may be others that can influence and even halt a purchase. It’s sometimes a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, seek and build relationships with new contact.

You reward will be no surprises: no objections or concerns out of left field that can slow or even halt your deal. And no relationships that can leveraged to gain entry by a competitor.

And on the other dimension, multi-faceted relationships – not just personal. You need to be perceived as a trustworthy, likable person plus one who is an expert in their business issues. In this market you can not reply only on prospects knowing youo and liking you. They must also trust that you can (and will) help them improve from their current state.

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