Thought For the Day: Is Social Selling Worth It?

Musing today…. Forbes just posted the top 30 Social Sellers and I noted that all of them either were consultants, many specifically in social sales, or leaders in the social media biz.  Stands to reason that if you are selling social media, or selling consulting social media you would have to be good at it.  I found it interesting that not one of the 30 listed was a bag carrying B2B or B2C sales rep. So it got me thinking…..

  1. Hundreds of billions of dollars are generated for the best companies in the world by the best sellers every year without the use of social media.
  2. If social media went away business would still be transacted
  3. Is social media really necessary for selling successfully today?

This musing is not about me not making the list. I could care less. It is about questioning whether social media is critical to the actual sales process. What do you think?

Dedicated to increasing your sales,