This Won’t stay in Vegas!

I was in Vegas this week to meet with my business coach Alan Weiss and our mentor group. Three of our members flew in from Australia to be with us this week. That’s dedication! I will be sure NOT to complain about my 5 hour flight to them…

These mentor sessions are always exciting as I come away brimming with ideas to grow myself and, in turn, help you grow too. Nothing is more powerful for your business than working with a coach to give you ideas and surrounding yourself with a support network who holds you accountable for implementing. Having people in your life that believe in you is empowering – and profitable. Are you surrounding yourself with people who care about your success?

I believe in mentoring and coaching strongly. This is why I have my own coach (multiple coaches actually) and offer Lead-Up! coaching. The results we see from attendees at our events and in our Platinum program are outstanding.  Truly these programs would not exist if Engage members were not profiting handsomely from them. But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the success stories on the Sales Accelerator Summit event page!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Colleen Francis
Colleen Francis

P. S. What happens in Vegas definitely does NOT stay in Vegas. Join me for our next free sales mentoring webinar, Own the Agenda, on Thursday May 19th at 12 noon Eastern. You’ll learn how to take control of the sales cycle and close more deals, faster. We’ve got a great special offer and a gift to present you on this call so don’t miss out!