Think Different!

The Big Apple

I just returned from the 2008 National Speakers Association convention in NYC. This is one of 4 major conventions I attend every year to learn to be a better content provider for you. We discuss how to conduct training sessions, what the latest cutting edge content delivery systems are and how to run a business as a consultant. The attendees are my peers and my competitors and boy do I learn a lot! I learn so much that Casey and Chris have to brace themselves when I get back because they are sure to be bombarded with a pile of new ideas that I want to implement (immediately of course) to better serve you!

In order to be at the top you must continually invest in yourself. You don’t have to go to conventions – although they are a great place to learn and network. You can read a book, a magazine every month, subscribe to on-line newsletters (like Engaging Ideas), get coaching or attend an on-line learning event. Sadly, 20% of all sales people invest in themselves, spending more than $20 per year on their development. I guess that’s why so few hit or exceed their targets every year.  What are you doing this year to invest in yourself? My philosophy about sales success is simple:

If you want a different result this year, you have to do something DIFFERENT this year.

Because I know that success leaves clues, why not learn something different from someone already in the top 10%? I plan to put myself in front of and in dialogue with as many masters as possible this year. What are you doing to be better?

I am pleased that so many of you have chosen to invest in our Mastery Program. It’s already 25% sold out and I can’t wait to meet you all in Chicago!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Sales Mastery Workshop
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