They’re Back! Live Events… | Sales Strategies

Someone once said that everything old will become new again eventually. Recently, I read some research in Forbes Magazine that talks about how in 2018, one of the biggest trends for B2B sales lead generation is going to be live events.

When I first started in business sales years ago, live events that we were hosting were our best source of leads. I know they may have gone out of fashion, but apparently they’re back, so let’s talk about how we can use live events to generate and warm up leads.

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What I would encourage you to do is to make sure you have a couple of key customers who are attending each one of those live events to network with your buyers and also present with you side by side. Don’t go out and just pitch your product at these events because people will get turned off. They want to hear real-life solutions and case studies. For example, I went to a live event during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and a recruiting company took their client, the VP of HR for the Vancouver Olympics, with them on the road to talk about recruiting for the Olympics.

Next, tag the people who come to your events onto trade shows or big associations events where people are already going to gather. Make sure you’re getting speaker spots at those events and make sure you’re hosting live events in your booth, off-site, or after hours. In doing so, you’re going to attract a large number of leads that you might not have had access to.

How are you going to use this important trend of live events in your business to drive more qualified opportunities and accelerate past your sales goals this year?

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