The Trouble with Assumptions

Hi Everyone,

My grade 8 chemistry teacher Mr. Yamamoto was the first to teach me that making assumptions risked making an “A**” out of “U” and “Me”. Today I find myself reviving that saying in all of my training and coaching sessions as most sales are lost, or relationships strained, because sales people are making assumptions about their clients rather than taking the time to gather the facts. It’s my opinion, as you know from previous postings, that the best sales people focus on the customer first and engage in a dialogue that promotes open and honest communication.

The top 10% do not create proposals, forecasts and presentations on assumptions about the clients, they base them on the facts. Step one in learning to gather more accurate information about your prospect is to get over the fear of asking questions. Despite what many sales people think, asking questions does not make you look silly or stupid or undermine your power. Instead, asking questions emotionally connects you to the prospect and encourages them to share more, giving you better and more accurate information to base your solutions. Asking questions is a critical step to selling more in less time and making more money, so… get over yourself and focus on the customer! Give them a good listening to, not a good talking to and you will see the true facts emerge.

Dedictaed to increasing your sales,