The Secret to “Land and Expand”

Landed the deal but can’t seem to grow it? You’re not alone. Discover the missing link to ‘expand’ in this simple, no-nonsense strategy.

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I have a lot of customers who have what they call a product led growth strategy.
I simply call it land and expand.
And you know what? It is a great strategy for getting customers and growing them and retaining them over time.
However, in most cases it’s executed poorly.
And in fact, I’m working on multiple projects right now with multiple companies on this exact issue.
They say we land and we stay.
We don’t grow at all.
So why does this happen? Well, there’s a number of reasons why you might be landing and staying, but I will tell you this.
One of the biggest reasons why we don’t land and expand the way we want to is because our sellers or our client success team aren’t comfortable reaching out to multiple stakeholders inside the organization.
And often when you need to expand by adding new products or services or more seats.
If it’s software or more users, you need to engage multiple people.
The primary person that started the relationship might not have the authority, or the budget, or even the interest in looking outside their organization.
And so you can’t become complacent and think, well, that’s the guy that brought me in.
That’s the woman that brought me in the woman I’m going to continue building my relationship with.
You have to ask yourself what value can I bring to the whole organization, and how do I engage with all those peripheral stakeholders so that we can showcase additional products and services.
That one single thing, when executed correctly, will drive your land and expand strategy.

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