The Return on Great Service | Sales Strategies

Did you know that customers that receive an exceptional customer experience are 80% more likely to reorder than those who have a subpar experience?

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For sellers, this goes far beyond being friendly, being trustworthy, or having products that suit the customer’s needs. Great customer experience in this marketplace also has to include aligning your selling process with the customer’s buying process and making it easy for them to buy.

Customers hate being sold to and they hate being forced into a manipulative process that doesn’t align with the way their organization buys products. When you align your sales processes, you’re saying that your company can make the process easier for your buyers and ensure that their needs are being met quickly and efficiently.

How do you figure out what your client’s buying process is? You ask them. It’s an often overlooked question that should be asked early on in the sales cycle. You should say something along the lines of, “Tell us about the way you do business here. Who else needs to be involved? How will you go forward with recommendations?” All of these questions will help you understand how the client likes to buy. From there, you can align your sales process with them. Don’t create an artificial sales process where you force your customer into using your products.