The Reason Your Reps are Selling Less

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you’re probably aware I don’t believe that sales need to slow down just because a market does.

Are you noticing your team is consistently producing disappointing results and selling less than perhaps your competition?

Let me fill you in on an approach which might make all the difference in your sales team’s success.

I’m talking about getting your sales team to implement an omni-media approach.

The top sellers today don’t feel the need to always go in physically to visit their customers. They use email, they use text, they use their partners in inside sales and customer service to help create a team environment to service the customer.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the sellers who feel the need to always be physically present in front of their customers tend to sell less and don’t necessarily provide greater service than the sellers who are using an omni-media approach.

The reason for this?

[bctt tweet=”Customers in this day and age prefer speed over physical presence when communicating with you.” username=”EngageColleen”]

They’d rather be able to ask you a question and have an answer within a few hours via text or email, than wait 2 weeks for you to come in to address their inquiries. It goes even further than that, many of your clients and customers have their preferred means of communication and they may not be exactly what your reps are currently using to get in touch with them. Some clients simply prefer an email or a text over physical communication!

Think about it, lackluster results with your sales team aren’t necessarily due to lack of skills or product knowledge. It may just be a matter of them using the wrong (or, at the very least, the more inefficient) approach. Encourage your sales reps to try an omni-media approach and ditch the need to rely entirely on solely a physical meeting to get things done.

You’ll notice a boost in your team’s efficiency, speed, customer service and of course…sales!

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