The Power of Silence

Silence please You’ve heard it before. The dreaded “Let me think about it” objection is never something a salesperson wants to hear.

Salespeople struggle with this objection because they don’t want to be “pushy” or “aggressive.” As a result, they usually thank the prospect for their time and move on. The worst part? They often never hear from the prospect again.

The trick with this objection is determining whether or not it’s a real objection. Many prospects throw out the dreaded phrase because they want to get rid of you, while others really do need time to think.

How can you tell them apart? Here is a highly effective technique you can use to uncover the real hesitation while giving you essential information so you can close the business.

1. Stop and listen

Once you’ve received the objection, start by doing…nothing at all! Whether you’re on the phone or face to face, simply stay silent for 3 seconds before taking any further action.

This silence creates an “awkward” space between you and your prospect. Since most people are uncomfortable with silence, your prospect will likely begin to provide you with details to their objections within 1-2 seconds. This technique works amazingly well, but only if you’re disciplined enough to bite your tongue for just 3 seconds.

When the prospect does jump in, they will elaborate on the “let me think about it” objection and reveal their true concerns. Budget issues, manager approvals and timeline constraints are among the numerous (and legitimate) reasons that a prospect may not be ready to buy. With more information, you are better prepared to handle an objection and more likely to close the sale. ← Click To Tweet

2. Emphasize and ask

If the customer doesn’t open up during the silence, it’s time to speak up! Be sure to break the silence by empathizing with your prospect and then present a question. For example,

Prospect: “Let me think about it.”
You: “Thanks for letting me know, I think it’s smart of you to consider all your options. I’m curious, what’s stopping you from moving forward?”

This simple technique will almost guarantee more success than just thanking your customer and walking away. By following this procedure, you don’t have to worry about being an “aggressive” salesperson because you’re either allowing your buyer to provide you with more information, or harmlessly inquiring for further detail.

Leverage your silence and don’t let an objection stop you from achieving success!

What’s one way you’ve successfully handled an objection like this in the past?

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