The Perfect Solution Presentation

Ultimately, your clients are looking for solutions to their obstacles or problems. The perfect solution presentation follows a series of steps to help facilitate this.

You never want to present solutions to a client without being strategic!

These five steps will help you organize and execute this process clearly and effectively:

1. Start With The Challenge

You need to be clear on this so that you know you’re not presenting answers to an issue your client isn’t even dealing with!

Start with statements like “Mr. or Mrs. Customer, you’re trying to do A, B, and C…” to ensure you’ve captured the details correctly.

2. Outline The Features 

Next, begin outlining the features that are associated with your product or service that will help create the desired solution for your client.

3. Use The Power Statement

After completing steps one and two, use this very powerful statement “The benefits to you are…”

4. Outline The Benefits

This is tied closely to step three, and you’ll now begin outlining the benefits associated with the features you previously outlined which will fix the problem you gained clarity around in step one.

5. Offer Proof

Now, you round everything off by offering proof of past successes that you’ve helped facilitate. You can offer case studies or testimonials to help drive this point home.

6. Highlight The Investment

Finally, present the investment associated with this work.

That’s it! This simple but effective blueprint can take the confusion and lack of clarity out of your solution presentations, which in turn, will help lead to more sales!