The Missing Step in Account Management

There’s a step that’s commonly missing in account management planning. Do you know what it is?

Many strategies look like this:

Plan -> Execute -> Measure

However, I suggest moving forward, that they look more like this:

Plan -> Execute -> Measure -> Review

The review step is critical, because it allows your account management plan to remain dynamic and fluid.

If an organization is simply planning, executing, and measuring plans, there’s a capacity for it to become static if there isn’t a dedicated step to actually review and adjust the strategy if needed.

How many strategies go according to plan—with every single detail executed exactly as originally thought out? Not very many. That’s why a review step is so important. It ensures that all parties involved in the strategy are keeping a pulse on what’s going on and actively focusing on what can make it more effective.

How often you apply the review step is also an important element to get clear on. The plan should be reviewed and changed quarterly at a minimum and can be reviewed as frequently as monthly.

Ensure that your account management plans are dynamic—not static. The review step will help you accomplish this.