The Magic of Sales Math

While “Back to School” has come and gone (where DID September go?) I still get hives thinking about high school math. Grade 12 Trig almost cost me much needed $750 scholarship to my first year of University and the thought of trying to figure out a word problem (…two trains travelling in opposite directions….) still makes me sweat. Chris laughs at me because I have to do long division the old fashioned way, with pen in hand, crossing off numbers and carrying them down.

Sales math though; now THAT’S math I have mastered. And you should too. Sales math is the math that directly leads to your success. How much is left for you to close this month, quarter and year? How many deals does that represent? How many calls does that mean you have to make, appointments you have to keep, proposals you need to submit? What is your average sales size? Average sales cycle length? What is each customer worth to you? And finally, what are your goals for 2010?

Knowing your numbers will mean the difference between exceeding or missing your targets this year. If you are not clear on what you are trying to accomplish you can never be clear on how you are going to accomplish it and when. I keep our sales numbers with me at all times and in 4 places. In a notebook beside my bed (I know…such an incurable romantic), in the notebook that I travel with, on my computer, and on my office wall.

In our monthly Engage Dashboard meeting Casey always laughs when the “big book” appears because she knows that we are going to have a serious look at the numbers to review if we are ahead or behind.

You might think that this is overkill. You might be rolling your eyes at me right now. At Engage we are having our best year ever. And sales for our Platinum level and Private coaching clients are up between 18 – 300%. Why? Because we pay attention to Sales Math. What are you paying attention to in your sales business?

Dedicated to increasing your sales,


PS. we will be spending time at the Sales Mastery workshop covering sales math and how you can use it everyday to increase your sales. We still have 8 seats left if you can join us.