The Law of exepctation

The Law of Expectation in sales indicates that whenever you pay out something, you will always get paid back. What you get is intrinsically linked to what you give. There are many business leaders in our community for example, who are heavily involved in giving to the community. Each time they pay out something to the community; it always results in a return (also known as a pay-back). Business leaders and the top 10% expect that theirs communities and their clients to them with the same respect that they delivered. Some call this reciprocity. Others, Karma.


What does this mean to you and me? It means that we can receive many rewards from paying out respect to clients and to the community. In return for the good things you say and do for others, you can expect that the system of double pay – or reciprocity will start rolling.  My philosophy of sales is GIVE then TAKE


Of course it is also good to give without intention of a pay-back; just the satisfaction you get is a pay-back.


This week, give some thoughts to what you can give, or pay out, to your clients on your next trip visit or event . Perhaps there is even something you can do in advance of a sales meeting?


Dedicated to increasing your sales,