The Importance of Business Reviews

NewBlogJune26th Are you properly using business reviews to your advantage? They’re great tools for businesses and salespeople yet they’re often used the wrong way or simply not used at all.

Business reviews should be conducted at least once a year, or up to four times a year depending on how important the client is to you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with a client during a business review.

1) Review The Value You Are Providing

It’s important to get inside your client’s head and understand how they feel about the job you are doing for them. While this is often an intimidating piece of information to receive for many salespeople and business owners, it helps provide insight to whether you should maintain the type of service you are providing or course correct with this particular client.

You can also gain valuable insight through these reviews on how to better serve your other clients.

2) Discuss Upcoming Client Projects

Consider short term and long term projects your client would like to complete. You always want to keep your finger on your client’s business and the roadmap they have put into place so that you can maintain or adjust your relationship with them based on how they would like their future to unfold as a business.

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3) Meet New People

This is perhaps the most important point to consider when conducting business reviews. You want to always welcome your current customer to invite other people within their organization to the business review. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of receiving internal referrals and more business for yourself.

It’s always less intimidating for a buyer to meet you for the first time in a group setting. They will also be more willing to buy from you if you have created positive results for your existing customer in the past.

What’s one way you use business reviews to your advantage?

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