The Dangers of Autoresponders

Hand pressing virtual mail buttonIn today’s fast paced, automated world, it’s quite common to send an email out and receive an instantaneous reply from an autoresponder.

Don’t get me wrong, if used effectively, autoresponders are great at providing your client with prompt communication. However, they can also be genuinely perceived as “cold” if you aren’t careful with your automated messages.

I sent an email recently and received this automated response:

“We have received your email. Emails are answered twice daily. Thank you, enjoy your day!”

What’s your first impression of this automated response? If you’re anything like me you may agree with the following:

1) Their automated message comes off as unfriendly and quite valueless. Such a response does nothing to show that they care about their clients.

2) The content of the email is unnecessary. If you’re checking email twice a day and responding to them, your responsiveness is already satisfactory at the very least. Because of this, there is no reason to tell the client that you only check email twice a day. Doing so makes the sender feel trivialized.

The email was undoubtedly well intentioned. As mentioned previously, autoresponders are extremely common in the professional world and they can be effective if they are properly executed. However, you need to be sure that you are putting some thought into your autoresponder messages. They are often the first piece of communication that a prospect may receive from you.

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How do you ensure that you are providing your prospects with a good first impression?

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