The Best Way to End 2018

We’ve talked repeatedly, especially this year, the importance and value of your relationships.

At the end of every presentation, call, meeting, or strategy session, the fundamental pillar behind whether or not you create great sales and a thriving organization comes down to your ability to create, maintain and grow your relationships.

This is the time of year many business professionals reflect on the year. They review their successes, their shortcomings and plan out how to make the next year bigger and better than the one that just passed.

At this time of year, amongst all the planning, reviewing and reflecting, don’t forget about the very relationships that made 2018 possible.

1. Thank Your Clients

A great token of appreciation, especially this time of year, is expressing your gratitude for your past and current clients. By thanking them for their business, acknowledging their contribution to yours, and wishing them well as many businesses begin to “pack up” for the holiday season, you’ll no doubt end the year with them on the right terms and you may even re-ignite some past client relationships.

2. Take Time For Yourself

Great salespeople don’t run themselves into the ground. They understand when to get work, but also understand the periodic need for downtime and self-care. Don’t work yourself into the new year while everybody else is counting down. You’re allowed to put the brakes on, take time for yourself, and acknowledge yourself for showing up in 2018 while recognizing your accomplishments.

We still have a few weeks left in 2018. But, start thinking now about how you can end it on the right note and start 2019 refreshed, ready, and prepared to take on the new year.

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