The Best Commission You Can Provide

When professionals in virtually every industry think about “compensation” – especially when it comes to structuring compensation plans, rarely is anything but a dollar sign considered.

Yet, there’s another powerful way to provide commissions to your sales team, and you’re likely overlooking it or underestimating its power and value.

Instead of purely financial compensation, consider paying your sales reps with time – time off that is!

Now, when I say time off, I really mean time off. No checking into email, no answering phone calls, no “5-minute” Skype powwows, nothing!

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It’s simply a high-pressure profession, and salespeople are notorious for not knowing when to unplug. There are high numbers of instances in our profession of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, heart attacks, car accidents and other issues that arise from high-stress scenarios.

While sales leaders can see the daily effects of stress in their team and organization, they are often blind to what could potentially be going on after their reps leave the office in the evening. This is exactly why real time off can and should be leveraged as a commission to let your sales team take it easy, relax and reenergize themselves.

Consider providing a rep with a Monday or Friday off to extend their weekend after producing exceptional results or providing a certain number of days off after they hit a target. The benefits of doing so will extend beyond improved performance, it will demonstrate a genuine sense of caring for your sales team and an opportunity to create happier and more balanced individuals in your organization.

Let me know in the comments below, what’s one thing you do as a leader to provide support for your team outside of their regular sales activities?

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