Testimonials and Strengthening Client Relationships

Have you recently asked yourself what the best way to strengthen your relationship with your client is?

It’s such a vital piece of information to have in order to keep clients doing business with you. Very few people though, actually take steps after corporate, business and personal rapport have been built with a client to ensure that the relationship gets strengthened further.

Case studies and testimonials are often seen primarily as a way to attract new prospects. While there’s no doubting they’re effective at attracting new leads, they offer much Handshake of businesspeople more than what most people give them credit for! They are also an excellent method to use in strengthening relationships with current clients.

When a client affirms their rapport to you, and put down in writing what a fantastic job you’re doing (and I know you are!), it makes it difficult for them to then turn around and leave. It not only helps them increase their visibility to new prospects, or similar individuals in the same field, it allows you to cement your relationship with the client, and build a customer for life!

What constitutes a good testimonial?

1. The Testimonial Should Be Current

The client should still be or recently have worked with you and should still be in business. A client who stopped working with you ten years ago or is no longer in business does not bode well in creating an attractive testimonial.

2. The Client Should Be Credible

The client should be similar to other prospects you’re trying to attract. It’s important to have prospective clients align well with highlighted clients providing the testimonials.

3. The Testimonial Should Be Compelling

This is the most critical component to a good testimonial. The testimonial they provide should not be fluff. One line, generic testimonials do very little in solidifying the relationship with your client and attracting new prospects. Objectifiable, and measurable testimonials are what produce the most success. Don’t be afraid to ask the client “why” you were such a pleasure to work with, get to the real results you provided.

Capturing success stories and making them public is such a powerful tool. It attracts new leads, but more importantly consolidates current relationships.

What tools do you use to strengthen relationships with your clients?